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Power of Big Data: Marketing

In the "Power of Big Data" series, I will talk about the possibilities that Big Data solutions give to individual business sectors. It should be noted that Big Data is not reserved only for huge technological organizations, but for all companies that produce and process data. Why Power of Big Data? Well, first of all, because the use of dedicated solutions, related to analytics and data processing, offers enormous possibilities in many aspects. In fact, sooner or later all companies will be forced to use the solutions offered by Big Data. If you want to know more about it, check out our post "Why will Big Data become an indispensable future of business?”.

Now, starting the  "Power of Big Data" series, our first focus is on marketing. Below, we’ll discuss how well-fitted solutions can scale marketing activities by using analytics solutions, and consequently, will help in the development of business possibilities. After all, this is what marketing is capable of using data to deliver important business insights.

Marketing data as an issue.


Modern marketing is based on data - this should probably not be doubted by anyone. It is thanks to the data that marketers will be able to optimize activities aimed at promoting the company or the product. However, there is a significant problem: the data is not only increasing but also becoming more and more complicated - it is difficult to process them successfully without dedicated solutions and tools. Today's marketing needs more and more data sources to operate efficiently. Not only the number of visits to the website, not only the number of inquiries about a product or service. This marketing needs information about the location of potential users, it needs data about their interests, social status, shopping habits (and not only shopping habits).

 After all, when will traditional methods of data analysis fail? With a thousand customers whose activities will generate tens of thousands of pieces of information? Or maybe with a hundred thousand customers who will generate millions of data? More and more data means more and more time needed to analyze it, create marketing schemes with it, to understand it. Without automating this process, without the tools to deliver applications to the marketing department, organizations will be flooded with a flood of raw data that cannot be used. And unused data isn't just a missed opportunity. It is primarily the loss of customers to an organization that will be able to use them and better prepare marketing messages, better define their needs.

We have been talking about data-driven marketing for a long time, but still, the term has not been taken as well as it should. For many companies, this may be the last moment to be interested in it, because we will be able to collect more data. Without the help of AI, Machine Learning, or some other tools helping in collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions in real-time, it will not be possible for marketing departments to provide useful business insights and thus function effectively.

Big Data for marketing.

So how can data management through Big Data solutions help marketing? Below we will try to present the basic issues thanks to which the organization will be able to move its marketing to a higher level (and the marketing department and CMO will love these implementations). Below, I listed some interesting possibilities:

  1. 360 view of the customer behavior:  This was mentioned earlier in this article - the possibilities offered by Big data are endless. Thanks to the tools we can use, customer insight will be really thorough. We will know when he reacts to advertisements when he buys a product when he decides to use a service. We will know when it needs peace and reacts badly to a marketing message, and when it is looking for it. Thanks to this, the creations and strategies we create will have the greatest success. Customer analytics is one of the greatest possibilities that Big Data solutions can give us.
  2. Customer journey - Customer journey - thanks to analytical tools, we are able to check who, when, and how interacted with our brand. Every CMO and marketing employee knows how important it is to develop the customer journey, how important it is to know when they decide to interact and when they abandon the possibility of contacting the organization. Thanks to such data, we are able to respond to seemingly even the smallest changes.
  3. Holistic approach - thanks to Big Data tools, we are able to predict which customers take a given sales path. Thanks to such grouping, we will avoid erroneous targeting of advertisements to individual customer archetypes. In addition, we will be able to track changes in the behavior of individual groups, which will save time and allow you to save time - and thus optimize costs
  4. Real-time analysis - another term which, although often used, has not received the esteem it deserves. Thanks to the tools that allow us to observe changes in customer behavior in real-time, we are able to almost immediately change, adapt or eliminate messages that may lose their marketing potential in the constantly changing virtual world.
  5. Business intelligence and insight- what matters is the reaction. If the data changes, the strategy must change. Thanks to tools related to Big Data, we do not have to rely on the opinion of recipients, which often comes too late when damage is done. We can react quickly, changing the entire approach to marketing tasks, finding new ways to reach, changing offers and even getting ahead of crises related to Public Relations. All thanks to the understanding of the data that comes to us every second.

From real-time data analysis to customer experience.

All the possibilities mentioned at the top are just the tip of the iceberg. This is only a contribution to what the Big Data tools can enable us to do, if we want to implement them, and if we implement them well (you can read about the correct implementation of such solutions and avoiding errors in the post "").

Marketing is already using Big Data tools to analyze, process and deliver reliable data about our customers, and this will keep growing. In the age of technology that enables us to acquire and process countless data, solutions that help in this will be at a premium. Big Data solutions are already worth their weight in gold. It only depends on us whether we will be able to use these resources for the development of the organization.

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2 June 2021

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