Complete Cloud Bootcamp for your Data Analytics

Digital transformation is the combination of technology, data, processes and organisational change capabilities. We will build foundations for your transformation by implementing an MVP of your data analytics application in public cloud.

They get value from analytics in the cloud

How does the Cloud Bootcamp work?


Data Strategy Workshop

Defining a first business case for analytics solutions is extremely important for the organization as it have to bring real value for the future users in a short period of time. During Data Strategy Workshop we will help you define a strategy for your analytics, review your use cases and help to choose the one with the biggest value for your business. At this stage we will also define initial requirements for security and governance to be used further in the analytics environment.

The goal of the program is to prove how analytics can help your organization in achieving business goals through fast development process based on public cloud functionalities.


Data Roadmap Workshop

This workshop let us summarize all the experiences from building MVP product in the context of your Data Strategy. Together with your Leadership we will help you define your data strategy and draw a roadmap for your organization to reach the next level of digital transformation.



This step is about information gathering to help us better understand your organisation and your data. We will set up our working environment and if needed we will create Google Cloud account for you. Finally, we will confirm the scope of the MVP product.


MVP Building

During development step we focus on two deliverables - Minimum Viable Platform and Minimum Viable Data Product.

Minimum Viable Platform is an analytics environment that allows to load, process and transform data for further reporting. It covers the whole software development life cycle starting at code versioning, through automation (CI/CD pipeline) to monitoring.

Minimum Viable Data Product is an application whose primary objective is to use data to facilitate project goal, to satisfy an objective of the use case. In our case it is usually a report or visualization together with a data pipeline that loads and transforms data from the source. However it can be also a real time dashboard or data feed for external systems that includes Machine Learning. At this stage you can expect to receive a working product based on the defined use case.


MVP Demo

During Demo meeting we will show the functionalities of the platform and application we are about to build to satisfy the use case scenario. At this point we can roll out the application to business users.

It is important to emphasize that both Minimum Viable Platform and Minimum Viable Data Product are fully working applications that can evolve incrementally in the future by adding new data sources, new pipelines and reports.



(Optional) If you want to build your internal capabilities regarding building and maintaining data-driven applications using Google Cloud Platform we can provide a set of technical and business-oriented trainings for your Team. However such training package is usually tailored to the needs of your organization and is an optional addition to the Bootcamp.


Knowledge sharing

We want your Team to be capable of running and maintaining the application. During knowledge sharing sessions we will provide documentation and hand over the code.

How does the Cloud Bootcamp work?


Watch our webinar: Strategies for on-premise to Google Cloud migration

How we work with customers?

We have a different way of working with clients, that allows us to build deep trust based partnerships, which often endure over years. It is based on a few powerful and pragmatic principles tested and refined over many years of our consulting and project delivery experience.

  • Data Thinking

    Data Thinking

    We believe that your data can be transformational for your business and enable your growth only when you start thinking about identifying, understanding and getting insights from your data from Day 1

  • Use case-driven analytics

    Use case-driven analytics

    We do not build solutions just for the sake of developing software, our projects are always driven with the clear value for the users. We start with defining business use cases and priorities to deliver the results fast.

  • Experience in data and analytics

    Experience in data and analytics

    We have very extensive experience in managing and analysing data from various data sources, no matter what technologies are involved. We usually hold a role of architects and domain experts.

  • Open Source or native Cloud services

    Open Source or native Cloud services

    We build our solutions with openness in mind, so we extensively use Open Source software, however in some cases we suggest to use managed services offered by public cloud providers

  • Technology agnostic

    Technology agnostic

    Our solutions are designed to accommodate best practices and our vast experience in Big Data and are not based on specific technologies. This gives us a flexibility to adjust the design to the project specifics and current state-of-the-art to better serve the goal.

  • DataOps principles

    DataOps principles

    Our code is versioned, unit tested and deployed using CI/CD environment and located in the context of data by employing data testing tools

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What did you find most impressive about GetInData?

GetInData is a relatively small agency with experienced professionals that enjoy and perform their job exceptionally well. Their attentiveness and code quality are impressive
We were super impressed with the quality of their work and the knowledge of their engineers. They have very high standards in terms of code quality, organisational skills and are always willing to contribute with their best. They also are very friendly and easy going people, what made our collaboration more fun.
They did a very good job in finding people that fitted in Acast both technically as well as culturally.

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