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All this makes our clients more than satisfied with our training. Thanks to a matter-of-fact approach to our clients, we strengthen your team by developing their Big Data skills. Have a look at our Big Data Training program and pick the one that suits you best

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  • 90+Training Courses Conducted
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    Our Big DataWorkshops

    Below you will find a list of our Big Data workshops. If you need to know more about any of them, click "See more". If you have any questions about conducting the workshops, the opportunities that your Big Data specialists will open up, don't hesitate to write to us.
    • Machine Learning Operations Training (MLOps)

      Machine Learning Operations Training (MLOps)

      This four-day course will teach you how to operationalize Machine Learning models using popular open-source tools, like Kedro and Kubeflow, and deploy it using cloud computing.
    • Hadoop Administrator Training

      Hadoop Administrator Training

      This four-day course provides the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to operate a Hadoop cluster. We put great emphasis on practical hands-on exercises that aim to prepare participants to work as effective Hadoop administrators.
    • Advanced Spark Training

      Advanced Spark Training

      This 2-day training is dedicated to Big Data engineers and data scientists who are already familiar with the basic concepts of Apache Spark and have hands-on experience implementing and running Spark applications.
    • Data Analyst Training

      Data Analyst Training

      This four-day course teaches Data Analysts how to analyse massive amounts of data available in a Hadoop YARN cluster.
    • Real-Time Stream Processing

      Real-Time Stream Processing

      This two-day course teaches data engineers how to process unbounded streams of data in real-time using popular open-source frameworks.
    • Analytics engineering with Snowflake and dbt

      Analytics engineering with Snowflake and dbt

      This 2-day training is dedicated to data analysts, analytics engineers & data engineers, who are interested in learning how to build and deploy Snowflake data transformation workflows faster than ever before.

    What Big Data training can offer your business?


    Our trainers work with Big Data in production environments on a daily basis. They use their own practical experience gained while working on different commercial projects.


    We are flexible when it comes to the workshop agenda. Apart from our standard offer, we can deliver workshops tailored to your needs. We refresh our agenda regularly, so our knowledge is always up to date, which in the Big Data environment is a necessity.


    Our Big Data workshops are based on our hands-on experience in commercial projects. The exercises are based on real-life scenarios that we see in data-driven companies. Thanks to that, we know that our workshops work in the specific Big Data environment.

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    Check what satisfied customers say about our workshops. All our courses are prepared to satisfy the business needs of your organization and strengthen your big data team.

    Completed in half the estimated time and with a fivefold improvement on data collection goals, the robust product has exponentially increased processing capabilities. GetInData’s in-depth engagement, reliability, and broad industry knowledge enabled seamless project execution and implementation.

    Wojciech Ptak

    GetInData had been supporting us in building production Big Data infrastructure and implementing real-time applications that process large streams of data. In light of our successful cooperation with GetInData, their unique experience and the quality of work delivered, we recommend the company as a Big Data vendor.

    Miłosz Balus

    GetInData delivered a robust mechanism that met our requirements. Their involvement allowed us to add a feature to our product, despite not having the required developer capacity in-house.

    Stephan Ewen

    Their consistent communication and responsiveness enabled GetInData to drive the project forward. They possess comprehensive knowledge of the relevant technologies and have an intuitive understanding of business needs and requirements. Customers can expect a partner that is open to feedback.

    Wilson Yu Cao
    Development Team Manager

    We sincerely recommend GetInData as a Big Data training provider! The trainer is a very experienced practitioner and he gave us a lot of tips regarding production deployments, possible issues as well as good practices that are invaluable for a Hadoop administrator.

    Mariusz Popko
    Platform Manager

    The engineers and administrators at GetInData are world-class experts. They have proven experience in many open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Flink for implementing batch and real-time pipelines.

    Kostas Tzoumas

    Our clients trusted us not only because we are an experienced Big Data company

    • Big Data for Business

      Big Data for Business

      Do you want to know how we work with our clients and what business benefits can cooperation with us bring? Go to the "Big data for Business" page.

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    • Knowledge base

      Knowledge base

      If you want to know more about our experience in Big Data projects, meet our specialists, or see our projects, go to the knowledge base.

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