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GetInData has been helping companies implement Big Data business solutions since 2014. We understand the needs of the business in the field of data management, therefore we are sure of the effectiveness of our Big Data solutions. Thanks to our experience and a skilled team, we help turn companies’ data into assets.

How can Big Data benefit business?

The amount of generated and processed data increases every year. Without their correct storage and interpretation, it is not possible to use them to improve the company's external and internal processes. Big Data ecosystem has tools to help you deal with large amounts of collected data and turn them into real assets. Big Data solutions, such as data analysis, monitoring, and drawing conclusions are the basis for optimizing the functioning of modern business, and for building a data-driven approach to its sales and marketing.

Industries that have benefited from our Big Data solutions.

Below you will find industries that have benefited from the tools provided by Big Data. Thanks to the understanding of business specifics, our solutions related to data management and data analytics are focused on effectiveness.

  • TelCo Industry

    TelCo Industry

    • Anomalies detection
    • Marketing Insight
    • Real-time analysis of data
    • Customer services
  • Finacial Industry

    Finacial Industry

    • Business Insight
    • Fraud detection
    • Sales pipelines
    • Data evaluation and veryfication
  • E-commerce Industry

    E-commerce Industry

    • Real-time marketing analytics
    • Customer path upgrade
    • Building 360 view of the client
    • Marketing support
  • IoT Related Industry

    IoT Related Industry

    • Unifying data from various sources
    • Builiding users habit patch
    • Real-time marketing insight
    • Real-time anomalies detection

Our business experience as a Big Data Company

GetInData is an european Big Data company localized in Poland. It provides high-quality Big Data solutions and services to clients all over the world. Thanks to our experience in working with a variety of businesses, we have created a customer-oriented approach that guarantees transparent and holistic cooperation in project delivery. Close cooperation with the client allows us to provide companies with tailor-made solutions dedicated to their needs.

  • Check how we helped Truecaller, a mobile app dedicated to managing information about the incoming calls, and how Big Data solutions optimized their work.
    Their story
  • Here is the story about managing and processing data from IoT and mobile application, and how it helped Mamava to scale business by data-driven approach, and accelerate the ability to prevent failures thanks to continuous data processing.
    Their story
  • Read, how we manage to deliver tools that helped to easerier data meaning and analysis, and how our solutions helped to reduce the effort and time required to onboard new sources into a data lake (days instead of weeks).
    Their story

How do we work with our clients

Below, we present a process of cooperation with our company. Thanks to this model, we are able to successfully implement even complex Big Data projects for businesses without worrying about their failure. The key point here is mutual cooperation as well as constant knowledge-sharing about Big Data tools.

Your use case

When we start talks about potential projects it is all about the business goal - short-term use cases we want to address and long-term strategy for data analytics in this area. We organise a call or a workshop to better understand the objectives and business landscape of the project.

Technical assessment

Technical environment is not less important, as the system we are about to work on is never a deserted island. To better understand the context of the project we need to know every touchpoint and integration, infrastructure requirements and non-functional requirements.

Shared Teams

Our preferred and most effective way of working on a project assumes involving customer’s technical staff from the early stages of the project. We can collaborate closely to design, deploy and implement the solution by sharing most (if not all) development activities, including both conceptual and hands-on work. Our experts share their knowledge and experience from day 1, so our customer can learn quickly, take more responsibilities over time and comfortably take over the platform once it is in production. This way of working ensures that the final solution is built faster and cheaper thanks to bidirectional knowledge transfer, quicker feedback loop, flexibility for changing requirements and priorities.

Solutions proposal

We also design solutions that not only serve current needs, but are made to last - being open to accommodate future scenarios as the more flexible the solution is, the more business goals it can serve in the future. We know that business scenarios evolve over the time and we want to be prepared for that. We use our bullet-proof designs that are based on the years of experience in the Big Data field, but we always adapt it to the current situation and the newest technology stack available. This is particularly important as the technology landscape changes rapidly and unlocks new opportunities.

Discovery phase

The main goal of the project is to demonstrate its value to users as quickly as possible, so we recommend starting with MVP project first. Such approach would give a look&feel of the final solution to the end users at the beginning of the broader initiative. We will be also able to collect feedback, validate how the proposed solution matches business requirements and discuss a detailed roadmap to a production grade solution that is well understood by the stakeholders and tailored to its needs. Collecting feedback as early as possible can be crucial for the success of the project as it pinpoints areas that require adaptation and potential risks.

Production-grade solution

After completing the Discovery phase we are able to plan building a final data-drive product that will be rolled-out to the end users. It covers not only all required functional requirements but also aligns with non-functional requirements coming from IT department, like monitoring and observability. The platform at this point should be open for users and ready for implementing new scenarios.


Once the project is done we will be happy to hand it over to the internal IT Team and transfer the knowledge so you are independent in extending the system. Hopefully we will be able to work some other challenging project in the future


While designing the system there are always some ideas on how to bring more value to the users, but are not crucial from the project objectives point of view. At this point of the project we can start making the system even better that it was planned.

Big Data Business testimonials

You don't have to take our word for it! Check what our clients say about us and find out how Big Data for Business works.

Completed in half the estimated time and with a fivefold improvement on data collection goals, the robust product has exponentially increased processing capabilities. GetInData’s in-depth engagement, reliability, and broad industry knowledge enabled seamless project execution and implementation.

Wojciech Ptak

GetInData had been supporting us in building production Big Data infrastructure and implementing real-time applications that process large streams of data. In light of our successful cooperation with GetInData, their unique experience and the quality of work delivered, we recommend the company as a Big Data vendor.

Miłosz Balus

GetInData delivered a robust mechanism that met our requirements. Their involvement allowed us to add a feature to our product, despite not having the required developer capacity in-house.

Stephan Ewen

Their consistent communication and responsiveness enabled GetInData to drive the project forward. They possess comprehensive knowledge of the relevant technologies and have an intuitive understanding of business needs and requirements. Customers can expect a partner that is open to feedback.

Wilson Yu Cao
Development Team Manager

We sincerely recommend GetInData as a Big Data training provider! The trainer is a very experienced practitioner and he gave us a lot of tips regarding production deployments, possible issues as well as good practices that are invaluable for a Hadoop administrator.

Mariusz Popko
Platform Manager

The engineers and administrators at GetInData are world-class experts. They have proven experience in many open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Flink for implementing batch and real-time pipelines.

Kostas Tzoumas

Data analytics, data managment and more - whatever your company needs, our solutions will help you create optimal data management processes.

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    Knowledge base

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    Do you like the amount of knowledge we share? Or maybe you would like to belong to a still developing team that deals with various and complex Big Data projects? On the Careers website you will find the answer to the question who we are and why it is worth working with us.

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