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GetInData in 2020 - our achievements and challenges in Big Data environment

The end of 2020 has come, and it's time to stop for a moment and look back. The past year was not the easiest one and presented us with many challenges, but we managed to emerge victorious from them. So, we decided to introduce you to our best moments of this year, because we want to share everything we have accomplished. So take some time and make this journey with us, and contend with us for the days gone by. Through the past year, we have managed to:

  • Fulfill our mission of sharing knowledge in the field of Big Data solutions: we organized the another edition of the Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit (check awesome presentations from BDTWS 2020 here
  • create webinars throughout the whole year (below in the text you will find the most interesting of them),
  • encourage our employees to give a talk / speak at international conferences (like Flink Forward or Data Science Summit)
  • filled our blog with valuable content that can be used by both Big Data specialists and those who want to understand how Big Data solutions can help grow their business.
  • we achieved Partner Expertise in Google Cloud Analytics (that’s quite a big deal!)
  • Silicon Canals - European Technology News placed us in the ranking as one of 10 top innovative tech #startups from Warsaw you should know about in 2020!
  • earn new reviews on Clutch, check them out!
  • contribute to Debezium open source project.

Of course, it’s not all! Throughout the year, we shared interesting facts and news from the world of Big Data on our social media channels (this is another reason to follow our activities). It is also hard to count the number of internal training sessions. Taking care of our clients, we organized cyclical meetings and webinars! Thanks to this, the cooperation was perfect at every stage of projects.

Below you will find a list of our publications, webinars and conference talks and we encourage you to relive the most interesting moments of GetInData 2020 with us.

P.S And one more thing - we promise you that we have not rested on our laurels. Soon we will present new projects and ideas that will help in sharing knowledge about Big Data - we believe that data management is the future of not only the business itself but also a large part of our lives. 

GetinData Webinars:

Here you will find the webinars that we conducted in 2020. First, we chose two that you enjoyed the most and we collected the best feedback about it. We encourage you to watch them, and if a topic is of particular interest to you, don't hesitate to write to us!

Webinar - Data Analytics 101 - How to build a data-driven organization This webinar was organized by GetinData on 2020, October 22nd. During the talk, we explained what it means to build a data-driven company.

Webinar – Complex Event Processing platform handling millions of users. The webinar was organized by GetinData on 2020, July 2nd. During the webinar, we shared our lessons learnt from building and running stream processing platform in production for over 2 years

If you want to watch more of our webinars, just look on our Youtube channel!


Over the course of the year, we have also prepared 4 white papers, thanks to which we can introduce readers to details of our projects, technologies or business domains... We strongly encourage you to download them (they are of course free), and if there are any questions, we will be happy to share our knowledge.

White Paper: Big Data Technologies in the Aviation Industry

White Paper: Monitoring and Observability for Data Platform

White Paper: Data Analytics for Industrial Internet of Things

White Paper: Automate decisions in Real Time!


In the past year, we have also appeared at international conferences. We will not boast about the presentations at because we are its organizers (although we cordially invite you to participate in the 2021 edition. But that's not all!

Our CTO Krzysztof Zarzycki,  talked on the Flink Forward, about buildingbudling flink-based Complex Event Processing Platform. The system handlessystem built handles now over 10 millions of users, 500K of interactions per second and billions per day. If you want to know more about our work in this project, here is a link to Krzyszotf’s presentation.

On October, Albert Lewandowski talked on Data Science Summit, about monitoring platform with Apache #Spark, Apache #Flink and #Kubeflow in which the monitoring stack is based on Prometheus stack.

Also, Albert Lewandowski hosted training about monitoring Big Data environment on conference  'AI&NLP Day'. Participants learnt how to get the satellite imageries, process them by using #Python and #PySpark and what are the most common use cases.

Blog posts

Below, we have listed the most interesting blog posts that have appeared this year, and if you want, we invite you to read! It is a lot of knowledge at your fingertips!

How to build continuous processing for real-time data streaming platform? by: Albert Lewandowski

Business value of event processing - use cases.
by Rafał Małanij

Fighting COVID-19 with Google Cloud - quarantine tracking system. by: Piotr Pilis

Anomaly detection implemented in podcasting company. by: Mariusz Strzelecki

Integration tests of Spark applications. by: Mariusz Strzelecki

Why are log analytics so important in a monitoring system? by: Albert Lewandowski

My experience with Apache Flink for Complex Event Processing. by: Kosma Grochowski

Puzzles in the time of plague: truly over-engineered audio spectrum analyzer. by: Michał Bocian

Truecaller - armed with data analytics to control incoming calls. by: Joanna Szenk

How we helped our client to transfer legacy pipeline to modern one using GitLab's CI/CD - Part 1, part 2, part 3 by: Maciej Korzeń

Apache NiFi - why do data engineers love it and hate it at the same time? Blog Series Introduction.
by: Tomasz Nazarewicz, Paweł Leszczyński

Success story: Breastfeeding supported with modern IoT and app features. by: Joanna Szynk

Highly available Airflow cluster in Amazon AWS. by: Szymon Grzemski

Machine Learning Features discovery with Feast and Amundsen. by: Mariusz Strzelecki

Is big data only for the big? by: Joanna Szenk

How can you take your data analytics to the next level with Google Cloud Bootcamp?
by: Klaudia Wachnio

End, and a new begging.

From this place, looking forward to the year that is just beginning, we would like to thank all our clients, supporters and readers. It is thanks to you that GetInData continues to develop, engages in more and more Big Data projects, and shares knowledge! If you want to be up to date, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks to this, you will be up to date with all our new news.

We are starting the new year with even more ambitious plans (there will be a separate post about it!), so don't be a stranger!

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12 January 2021

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