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White Paper: Data Democratization Through Data Management

Our recently released white paper, "Data Democratization Through Data Management" offers an in-depth exploration of the subject. This article will examine its contents, addressing specific questions and challenges while incorporating insights from industry experts.

Why this White Paper is worth reading

This document is an extensive handbook on data management, a crucial facilitator of data democratization. It serves the definition, objectives, advantages, and essential success metrics and outlines our assistance in guiding clients toward data-driven practices by implementing effective data management within their organizations.

This white paper describes a standardized classification of data management components, emphasizing the key elements essential for organizations striving to be data-driven. Additionally, we present our methodology for addressing subject-related issues, drawing on our industry knowledge and experience.

What will you find inside the White Paper

The White Paper includes a few chapters focused on Data and an additional one about our approach at the GetInData | Part of Xebia. It is a short insight into these.

Data Management

Organizations grapple with vast internal and external data in a competitive and dynamic business landscape. Beyond historical compliance, modern data governance is a multidimensional effort integrating people and technology, encompassing processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics to enhance business performance and enable better data-driven decisions.

Data Observability

Originating in DevOps for managing application downtimes, observability solutions have evolved to address data downtimes—periods of partial, erroneous, or missing data. Data observability ensures understanding the health and state of your data, determining the degree to which people in your organization can use and trust the data in your ecosystem.

Data Discovery

Data observability solutions, including Data Discovery tools, address this by developing our understanding of data health. These tools act like web search engines, exploring metadata to answer crucial questions about data artifacts, such as popularity, access, tags, and data lineage. Data catalogs, popular in the market, offer collaborative documentation and comment features.

Data Governance

Data governance includes policies, procedures, and standards, establishing authority and control over data management. It aims to ensure effective and responsible data use, supporting business goals, regulatory compliance, and sensitive information protection. 

Our approach

In this part we focus on questions you already asked yourself. These are:

  • Does my company need Data Management?
  • Where and how should I start?
  • Which Data Management tools should I choose?
  • What does it take to adopt Data Management in my company?
  • What are the key success indicators?

and last, but not least you will find the answer on how we can help you with all your Data Management needs and how you can get involved.

In this white paper we described a common classification of data management components, highlighting what we feel is most crucial for data-driven organizations. We also shared our approach to tackle subject related matters based on our industry knowledge and experience. If you would like to fill in our self-assessment survey and discuss how we could help to introduce data management solutions at your organization, please sign up for a free consultation.

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21 December 2023

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