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Netflix,, Zalando and 20+ other data-driven companies at Big Data Tech Warsaw 2019


This day is soon about to come! We’re more than happy to draw your attention to the 5th edition of the Big Data Tech Warsaw that will take place on 27th of February. This year we have gathered professionals from the tech major’s league willing to deliver presentations on many interesting topics. If you still need some more incentive to come, take a look at the highlights of the most interesting topics that will be discussed during the conference.

Did you ever wonder how one of the most popular media services streamers is handling its customer service business from a technical perspective? We’ll have Netflix big data expert, Monal Daxini, talking about his experiences when building a stream processing platform to capture useful business insights.

If you’ve ever looked for footwear online, you must have heard about Zalando. Max Schultze, data engineer in Zalando will discuss an interesting topic of the challenges when building and operating data pipelines in order to complete a full company’s transition to a cloud.

Suneel Marthi, data engineer from Amazon Web Services, a tech branch of the major global e-commerce player, Amazon will talk about using Convolutional Neural Network models in a process segmentation of satellite images for agricultural use and experiences when training Deep Learning model to identify tulip fields in the Netherlands.

Have you ever wondered how is delivering you the top 5 search results of any query? Priyanka Prakash and Arihant Gupta of will share their experience on the evolution of search engines in thanks to capturing multiple behavioral data points.

I guess we don’t have to introduce Twitter. We’ll have Mateusz Fedoryszak, data scientist, talking about the role of data scientist in the development of new tech projects and sharing his experiences when working at the Silicon Valley media giant.

Besides IT giants, the summit will also host representatives from the financial industry. Erik Zeitler of the Swedish global tech bank, Klarna, will discuss how the customer screening and fraud detection processes are enhanced due to the use of advanced software engineering solutions. Krzysztof Adamski and Rob Keevil of ING, a global financial conglomerate, will elaborate on the idea of a modern data analytics platform.


We’re also expecting presenters from an open-source projects environment. Dawid Wysakowicz of Data Artisans will deliver a speech on detecting patterns in event streams with Apache Flink. Jon Bratseth representing Oath, will discuss the functionalities of system in terms of evaluating machine-learned models and Robin Moffatt will debate on event-driven architectures using Apache Kafka.

But this isn’t everything! If you want to know more, please take a look at the conference agenda, to see the list of all presentations and abstracts. During the next weeks, we’ll write about speeches prepared by our colleagues at GetInData. Stay tuned.

As we’ve received a lot of question about workshops, we’re happy to announce we will conduct three workshops this year, just a day after the conference, on 28th of February. That’s a unique opportunity to taste the cutting-edge big data technology from a practical perspective and get useful tips and insights from top big data experts. The workshops will cover a wide range of themes and topics: gaining basic experiences with Hadoop ecosystem, building a simple ML model or experiencing a simulation of real-world use-cases with Kubernetes platform. If you want to look a little further into this topic, please visit the workshop’s website.

Don’t forget to register for the conference and workshops here! Remember, the early bird catches the worm (or a welcome gift) ;)

Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit is a joint initiative of GetInData and Evention.

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22 January 2019

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