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Thanks to Complex Event Processing platform you can analyse your stream of information and automatically take actions in real-time

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How does the Complex Event Processing works?


How does the Complex Event Processing works?


Complex monitoring and observability solution gives detailed information on the state and performance of the components. You can also deploy metrics to observe application processing behaviour. Monitoring includes also alerting, needed for reliability and supportability.

Analyst workbench

Analyst workbench is the user interface for analyst to create, browse, update or delete configurations executed by the streaming platform. Streaming jobs are configured using Python, Java or SQL - depending on the required level of abstraction and performance goal. It is integrated with CI/CD pipeline, version control and test & review process for smooth deployment process.


Security component enables managed access to data and components of the environment. It provides audit capabilities for verifying who has access to specific resources.


Your IT systems exchange vast amount of information, that includes technical messages about opening a form on your website, network traffic information, sensor data, but also more meaningful information like new orders from your customer. Event processing system are designed to analyse messages in real-time, enrich them with external information, combine into more complex events, analyze for patterns and trigger actions.

Continuous Data Collection

Continuously collect data from various sources like transactional databases, application log files, messaging queues, IoT APIs. Collect them in multiple formats, like CSV, JSON, XML or Avro and via many protocols like HTTP, FTP, NFS or AMQP. Use CDC (Change Data Capture) to receive stream of changes from databases. Prepare stream of events also from batch sources to work on them in a streaming manner.

Continuous processing

Event processing is the core of the whole solution. This component can filter single events, cleanse from duplicates, enrich with external sources and sessionize to business events. Then aggregate the events, find complex patterns or detect anomalies. Finally it can score the events with Machine Learning models and when event meets required conditions, trigger appropriate action or alert.

Continuous Data Delivery

Instantly deliver the results of events processing to the destination systems, in the format and protocol they expect. The events can be published to a message queue, pushed to a HTTP API , inserted in the database. They can also be batched and send as a file to a file broker.


Imagine you stream all the events generated by users (like clickstream) and all the messages being sent by different systems, even internal ones, and all transactional data changes (like from CDC) through one huge pipeline. Imagine that you are able to pick up the ones that has some semantic meaning for you, derive other complex events from them, and take a certain action on that. The actions could be sending a message to the customer, personalizing the website or computing real-time metric that half of the company look at.

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  • Big Data focused

    Big Data focused

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    Prod application experience

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    Experts in event processing field

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    Open-source contributors

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    Our designs were battle tested

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    We support clients in all data needs

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