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The real story how we built a modern Stream Analytics platform at telco (part 2) In the first part, we described business requirements and we showed you a new architecture of stream analytics platform with Apache Flink as the main processing engine. In the second part, we'll describe the challenges we have been struggling, lower-level technical [...]
The real story about how we built a modern Stream Analytics platform at telco Some time ago we were contacted by Kcell, one of the largest telecommunication company in Kazakhstan, with a question to help them build a new real-time platform for complex event processing. Kcell is a part of Scandinavian telecommunication holding - Telia [...]
On 20th and 21st of February just before 4th edition of Big Data Technology Summit,  Big Data experts from our team hosted one-day workshops: Introduction to Big Data, Real-time Stream Processing and Large scale text mining with Spark. 100 participants in two days We received plenty of registration requests for all courses and we had to split [...]
The 4th edition of Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit 2018 is right around the corner. GetInData (a big data software house founded by ex-Spotify data engineers) doesn't only co-organize the conference, but it will also share its deep knowledge and production experience with the audience. Please check our activities on the conference, to know where you can [...]
On 3rd of July, we co-organized the 31st meeting of Warsaw Hadoop User Group! We hosted two Apache Flink committers - Kostas Klaudas(dataArtisans) and Dawid Wysakowicz from our team. Stateful Stream Processing with Apache Flink Kostas Kloudas gave us a high-level presentation about Apache Flink. His presentation aimed at covering the general idea and motivations [...]

On June 1st, the Apache Flink community announced the 1.3.0 release that introduced a few very important features. It is also a special release for us at GeInData because we had the pleasure to be an important part of it. Our work focused on improving the Flink CEP library which got boosted amongst other cool […]

In the first part of this blog post, we described a number of challenges that need to be addressed when implementing data pipelines with technologies like Pig, Scalding, Spark, Spark Streaming or Storm. For instance, if we want to sessionize our events correctly with these technologies, we have to implement complex custom code to deal […]

While a lot of problems can be solved in batch, the stream-processing approach can give you even more benefits. In this blog post series, we’ll discuss a real-world example of user session analytics to give you a use-case driven overview of business and technical problems that modern stream processing technologies like Apache Flink help you [...]
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