Slides: Quick Introduction to Apache Tez

We share our slides about Apache Tez delivered by our consultant as a lightening talk given at Warsaw Hadoop User Group.

Tez is a highly efficient and scaleable execution engine that can be easily leveraged by existing tools like Hive, Pig or Cascading to run the computation faster. In this talk, we describe Tez and share the performance numbers that we get when comparing Hive on Tez and MapReduce.

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Post by Piotr Krewski

Piotr Krewski has extensive practical experience in writing applications running on Hadoop clusters as well as in maintaining, managing and expanding Hadoop clusters. At Spotify, he was part of the team operating arguably the biggest Hadoop cluster in Europe. He is a co-founder of GetInData where he currently works as architect and engineer helping companies with building scalable, distributed architectures for storing and processing big data. Piotr serves also as Hadoop Instructor delivering GetInData proprietary trainings for administrators, developers and analysts working with Big Data solutions.

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