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Privacy policy and cookies

The policy defines the principles of gathering and using information about website users and saving and using cookies on end devices of the Users of the website.

The owner of the website and the administrator of personal data is GetInData Adam Kawa, Piotr Krewski SC, company registration no. PL5252603485, with address Artura Grottgera 15/1, 00-785 Warsaw, Poland (hereinafter “the Service Provider”). The service provider provides and manages the services available on the website.

Information about data collection

As part of the website, data collected directly by Users is collected, e.g. data in the contact form, data when subscribing to the newsletter as well as automatic data, such as information on page views and time spent on individual pages. The information collected automatically is collected via cookies.


Cookies mean IT data, in particular, small text files, saved and stored on devices through which the User uses the Website pages. The website may use the Service Provider and external (ie belonging to the service’s partner’s) cookies. Cookies are designed to remember the User’s decisions, for example subscribing to the newsletter, accepting the privacy policy, so that the website does not have to ask for a repetition of these activities on subsequent visits.

Cookie files used by the administrator help him to adjust the content of the website and the offer of services to the interest of Users.

Cookies are also used to identify the type of device used by the User to adjust the view. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain from which they originate, their storage time on the Device and the assigned value.

The Service Provider uses cookie sessions that are stored on the User’s device only until the end of the browser session. After the session, cookies are deleted from memory. The mechanism of session cookies does not allow the collection of any personal data or any confidential information from the User’s Device.

The service provider also uses persistent cookies, which are stored in the browser’s memory until they are deleted or for the period specified in the cookie settings (eg year). These are files used to remember the decisions made by the User on the website (eg accepting the regulations) and recording his visits to the Website activity history. The mechanism of persistent cookies does not allow the collection of any personal data or any confidential information from the User’s Device

In the browser’s settings, the user may disable or restrict the possibility of propagating cookies via the Website on his device. The Service Provider is not responsible for the incorrect operation of the website or some of its functions in such a situation.

The User can delete cookies from his device at any time.

Information on the use of collected information

Data collected automatically can be used to analyze Users’ behavior, collect demographic data about Users or to personalize the content of displayed websites.

Each recipient of the newsletter, using the service, downloads to his device cookies, which enable the Service Provider to track its activity on the Website.

Data collected during the correspondence will be used only to answer the query.

In the case of control of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection or other authorized entities, user data may be made available in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. In the event of a breach of law or when required by law, users’ data may be made available to the judicial authorities.

Changes to the privacy policy

The Service Provider reserves the right to update the privacy policy.

In matters related to the rules for the use of data collected by the website, please send a question via the contact form available on the Website.

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