Flink evening at WHUG

On 3rd of July, we co-organized the 31st meeting of Warsaw Hadoop User Group! We hosted two Apache Flink committers – Kostas Klaudas(dataArtisans) and Dawid Wysakowicz from our team.

Stateful Stream Processing with Apache Flink

Kostas Kloudas gave us a high-level presentation about Apache Flink. His presentation aimed at covering the general idea and motivations of stateful stream processing. He showed how Flink enables it with its powerful set of state management features and programming APIs.


Looking for patterns with Flink CEP library

On presentation Dawid showed us that recently Flink Complex Event Processing (CEP) was under heavy development, introducing lots of improvements and new features. We discussed how newly introduced pattern categories like optionals, discarding and counting patterns or kleene closures expands the spectrum of possible use cases even further. Dawid presented how you can use Flink CEP library to specify and detect dynamic patterns in your real-time streaming applications and described mechanisms of underlying NFA(Non-finite automaton) that allowed those changes.


More theoretical and practical knowledge about Apache Flink you will find on our “Real-time Stream Processing” training provided by Dawid Wysakowicz in Warsaw on 18-19 of September 2017

Please feel free to take a look at his presentation on GetInData’s slideshare or watch video from the meeting.

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