Find our Big Data experts on Big Data Tech Summit! February 22, 2018


The 4th edition of Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit 2018 is right around the corner. GetInData (a big data software house founded by ex-Spotify data engineers) doesn’t only co-organize the conference, but it will also share its deep knowledge and production experience with the audience.

Please check our activities on the conference, to know where you can find our Big Data experts on upcoming edition. If you still do not have a ticket for the largest truly technical conference, get one NOW!

Simultaneous sessions

Our experts will present in two tracks: Architecture, Operations & Deployment and Real-Time Analytics, accompanied by such companies as Yahoo!, Turkcell, dataArtisans, Allegro Group and more.

Krzysztof Zarzycki (BigData Architect and Co-founder) and Dawid Wysakowicz (Data Engineer will talk about Assisting millions of active users in real-time”


Nowadays many companies become data rich and intensive. They have millions of users generating billions of interactions and events per day. These massive streams of complex events can be processed and reacted upon to e.g. offer new products, next best actions, communicate to users or detect frauds, and quicker we can do it, the higher value we can generate.
In this talk, we will present, how in joint development with our client and in just a few months effort we have built from the ground up a complex event processing platform for their intensive data streams. We will share how the system runs marketing campaigns or detect frauds by following the behavior of millions of users in real-time and reacting on it instantly. The platform designed and built with Big Data technologies to infinitely and cost-effectively scale already ingests and processes billions of messages or terabytes of data per day on a still small cluster. We will share how we leveraged the current best of breed open-source projects including Apache Flink, Apache Nifi, and Apache Kafka, but also what interesting problems we needed to solve. Finally, we will share where we’re heading next, what next use cases we’re going to implement and how.

Krzysztof Adamski (Big data Architect) in Architecture, Operations & Deployment track will give a presentation on: Elephants in the cloud or how to become cloud ready”


The way you operate your Big Data environment is not going to be the same anymore. This session is based on our experience managing on-premise environments and taking the lesson from innovative data-driven companies that successfully migrated their multi PB Hadoop clusters. Where to start and what decisions you have to make to gradually becoming cloud ready. The examples would refer to Google Cloud Platform yet the challenges are common.

Panel discussion


Adam Kawa, CEO and co-founder will be hosting a panel discussion “Getting more out of your data in 2018”. In this part of the conference experts from well-known companies will converse about their plans and hopes for 2018.

Big Data Workshop


We have a pleasure to prepare and host one day Big Data training which will take place before the conference on the 20th and 21st of February 2018.

  1. Introduction to the Big Data – Piotr Krewski, Co-founder  & Big Data Consultant
  2. Real-time Stream Processing – Krzysztof Zarzycki, Big Data Architect & Co-founder and Dawid Wysakowicz, Data Engineer
  3. Large scale text mining with Apache Spark – Tomasz Żukowski, Data Analyst and Rafał Prońko, Machine Learning Developer from YND


You also will be able to find and speak with our Big Data open-source experts during a coffee break on our stand. See you on Big Data Tech Warsaw Summit on the 22nd of February 2018!

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